HSE Auditing

Our HSE auditing group works on all workplace hazards to eliminate or reduce the possibility, frequency, and severity of loss based on the HSE-MS by recognizing, identifying, assessing, and controlling hazards that may be present in the workplace. Moreover, our HSE auditing services help companies to solve the stated unconformities in the HSE auditing reports by:

•      Worksite and pre-job hazard assessments.

•      Analysis of hazard reports generated by personnel onsite.

•      Inspections and preventative maintenance.

•      Incident investigations and records and statistics, audit findings and recommendations.

•      Assist to ensure quality HSE meetings on worksite.

•      Assist in emergency/HSE drills.

•      To share industry incidents with onsite crews and review procedures to avoid possible incidents on the worksite.

•      Assist in incident investigation and reporting

•      Verify proper training and certificates of workers and visitors

•      Coach and mentor workers

Control measures in hazard control and assessment are as follows:

•      Engineering controls

•      Administrative controls

•      Personal protective equipment (PPE)